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Friday, September 29, 2006

Sania Mirza Losses - The same old story

Sania Mirza's great run in the Korean Open came to an end against a low-ranked player, rank # 72 to be precise. In the earlier match she had defeated Hingis - 8th ranked in the world. She has raked up the same old question...Why can't the Indians be consistent? They will be always called the giant-killers but not the champions..This is the case in all the sports not only tennis.. You will read of such giant-killing acts in hockey, tennis, cricket..but no consitency..

Champions are made when the players/team show consitencies. Australian Cricket team, Germany Hockey team and individual players like Borg,Sampras, Aggasi, Navratilova,Woods; the list is never-ending

Indian cricket team winning the 83' World Cup of Cricket was another example of consistency..they had their giant-killing act during the league phase and continued the same thru till the finals..

Will this question be ever answered...not sure but lets live the life to moment and enjoy the giant-killing acts by our Indian Greats

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