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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Whirlwind week - Diwali, Don and Cricket

It has been a whirwind week with lots of things happening at a high speed...

To begin with, it was DIWALI weekend and wish all the viewers of this blog


Diwali the 'festival of lights' this year was celebrated on 21 Oct all over the world. Diwali symbolizes the 'victory of good over evil'. People celebrate this festival with lots of fun n frolick where the houses are light up, kids burst crackers and lots of goodies to savour on. And this time round, had the pleasure of celebrating Diwali in US with my close ones by savoring on all goodies, dressed up to kill and playing 'teen patti'.

Every year Bollywood marks the Diwali calendar with release of major attractions to take advantage of the vaccation season. This year was no different, we had two releases 'DON - a SRK starrer' and 'Jane-man - a SK n AK starrer'.

I had the opportunity of catching "DON" on the first day, first night show (12:00am to 3:00am). And being a die-hard 'Big B' fan I was really disappointed with the remix. Not sure, why are the bollywood directors going into making remixes. Have we run out of creative script writers. And this movie comes from a director who stirred the box-office with his first movie - Dil Chattha Hai. Even small twists in the story cannot stop this movie from being termed as 'average'. The locations and sophistications are definetely in tune with the generation... nothing can overcome the storyline or the charishma of 1978 DON - who @ 6'2" still stands tall over everyone. "Badshah" of the industry has definetely lost this 'bazi' and would not like to be called 'Bazigar' for this matchup.

And coming back to my favorite sport - 'Cricket and Champions Trophy' things r really hotting up in the group B where the matches r really going to the wire. It all boils down to the match between Pakistan v/s South Africa to decide the last four placeholders in the tournamnet from group b. New Zealand with their win over Pakistan @ mohali have confirmed their place in Semi-Finals.

India play WI tonight (US- PST) @ Ahmedabad and this could decide the fate of the group A. With WI in good form, it looks to be seen how India face-off this challange. A win here for any of the teams would definetely harness their chances for a berth in Semis.

Everyone would be hoping 2 c a blazing innings from Virubhai....a magic spell from Pathan... a spin web from Bhajji...long overdue... But who knows we may have GAYLE force waiting to sweep thru Ahmedbad along with the 'New' Big Boy of WI the Bravo.

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