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Monday, November 06, 2006

Champions Trophy 2006 - Australia claim stake on the elusive cup

The curtain has finally come down on the Champions Trophy 2006 and the cup has gone 'down under'.

Australia wrapped the final in the only style they are known to do i.e. 'champion style'. No hiccups, no drama, no controversies.....but a methodical surgery took place in Mumbai...the patient WI were administered 'general anesthesia' and they never recovered from the same.

This was considered a dress rehearsal for the WC-2007 and do not know which of the teams benefitted the most. The only teams who would be going home with some 'positives' is NZ and WI. NZ came into the champions trophy after almost 8-9 month layoff and they did not do any harm to their comback performance. Other team to feel on cloud 9 apart from Aussies are the runners-up. Since India brought them back into form they have been firing on all their guns. And if one of their 'icons' MR LARA decides to go out all blazing into the sunset...then it would be bye to many of the fancied teams in the WC-2007.

Host country must be rueing its experiment policy and selection policies. They just did not play to their potential and have lots of thinking to do before they venture for the SA tour. Hope the SA tour turns favourable and does not dampen the hopes of the INDIAN team n fans before the WC-2007.

Other Asian countries, SL started off in a blazing fashion but came cropper against some good offensive. Need to get their act together before the WC. Pakistan were overcome with the sideline tamasha and were not a '100% ' unit. Hopefully they would rejuvenate and become a big force at the WC-2007. But definetely a India v/s Pakistan would do wonders for the WC -2007.

The win would do wonders to Austrailain team before the ASHES. Everyone would now be glued to the ASHES tour and wonder how would the POMMIES fare down under..

It is good bye Champions Trophy and look forward to ASHES n INDIAN tour of SA

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