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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Traffic Lights in Vancouver,Canada - Intersting Logic

Last week, was away to Vancouver (Canada) for an appointment with US Consulate. The H1 B stamping and interview was sucessfull.

During my stay there noticed that the traffic lights keep blinking green and do not follow the normal mode of changing colors. On enquiring with the cab driver, was told that the lights keep blinking until some pedestrian wishes to cross the road. Even when a pedestrian wishes to cross the road and pushes the sidewalk cross button, the lights do not change color but they turn solid green. After few seconds the traffic turns red and there is no 'amber' step involved. It is believed this method of traffic lights is in place to keep the traffic moving along the long stretch of the road.

Weather in Vancouver during my stay was really 'wet'. It rained all the time I was there and to top it all the City of Vancouver issued an advisory stating the tap water was to be boiled before drinking. Also it was stated not safe to use for brushing or cooking activities. As a result of this advisory, had to go without a 'starbucks' coffee as most of the coffee centers had stopped brewing the coffee.

Was put up in the Georgian Court Hotel, which was very close to the downtown and gave easy access to the Robson Stree - high fashion street. Also had the opportunity to walk to the Harbour Vieww tower and the Chinatown. The hotel is bank opposite the BC Place, unfortunately there was no match scheduled during my stay.

Vancouver is in process of building the city for the 2010 winter olympics. In future, if have an opportunity would luv to return to the city with my family and take in the sights of this beautiful city.

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