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Monday, December 18, 2006

Dancing away to Victory

The blue brigade has turned the tables on the Proteas at the Wanderers.

“Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.” – The saying from Bhagavad-Gita aptly portraits the Indian Cricket Team’s belief in them and that has lead them to a victory and cricket-crazy nation into raptures of joy.This moment will be even more cherished as it has come at a time when Indian Team was expected to get white-washed.

The best part of the win was underlined by the fact that India won the match due to a team effort. For the first time, the team did not depend on individual performance to win. There were contributions from each and every one in all the departments of the game. Whenbatting, it was good to see the ‘comeback seniors’ proving their worth and making their respective returns a memorable one. The ‘dada’ of Indian Cricket has again proved the saying ‘class is permanent, form is not’. When it came to bowling, Indian bowlers demonstrated to their well-known opponents a class of seam bowling. Sreesanth and Zaheer were a class act in themselves. Catches win matches, and the Indians held all their catches and also hit the stumps to get their run-outs.

Sreesanth also danced into the hearts of the Indian Fans, with his jig and gave the opponents back in the manner well deserved. The altercation between Nel & Sreesanth has shown that this team is not the one that is going to take it lying down. They definitely have in them to give it to the opponents if necessary. But it would be interesting to see who would fall on the wrong side of the ICC Referee’s sword.

With this win, Indian team has really put the SA Team in a quandary. SA team has been been given taste of their own medicine. This would have definitely put them in 'confused state' regarding the pitch they would like to ditch out for the second test.

A win at DURBAN and DRAVID team would have the PARLIAMENT jumping up and down. Blue Brigade keep it going…win the series and ring in the NEW YEAR.

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multisubj yb said...

One swallow does not make a summer. You are forgetting Ganguly's repeated failure. Anyway he made reasonable fortune. Giving opportunities to new youth would have helped to prepare for future.