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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Judgemental Week

In the past couple of days quite a few eye-raising judgements and all involving some big-wigs of Indian Society

Firstly, Munnabhai is sentenced for his known 'childish' act of acquiring an 'adult' weapon. And finally the man who potrayed 'gandhigiri' in his movie is going to the jail for all the wrong reasons.

The sweet marts in Kolkata might have made a roaring business selling 'rasgollas' with the 'second' judgement. The news of "DADA" returning to the Indian side might have sent the 'dada crazy state in frenzy. And Sourav Ganguly is already making his bat talk since his return; having scored a gutsy 83 to revive Indias' hope in the friendly match. Really pity the person as he is going to be under the scanner all the time, and would be expected to do something xtra everytime he goes out to represent India.

Last but not the least the author of statements like "the ball went so high that even airhost could have caught it in air" is himself in soup. Yes, Navjot Singh Sidhu - guru of sidhuism is in the docks for something he did in his younger days. That was the time during which the Indian Cricket Fans saw a complete change in Sidhu since he made his debut. At the time of his debut played a knock and was considered 'strokeless wonder'; but by the time he returned for his second knock in the middle he had suddenly found the knack of sending the ball soaring into the stands; and was crowned the 'badshah of sixes'.

These three judgements have really captured the media glare for the past couple of days.

But the most talked about news in the world of cricket is England's catapult to defeat.

Aussies are really proving the cricket world how the champions play. And at the same time score of 500 is also not safe in these times of cricket. Couple of years back when both teams scored 500 the test match it would have been given up for a draw. But with the advent of the ODI, scores of 300 in a day are becoming common.

The scoresheet of the Aus-Eng match must have given a Indian think tank some fodder to ponder.... What is going to be a good score against the 2nd best team at present in the world of cricket ...Every Indian batsman will have to stop playing the 'katakali' to the music of SA bowlers.

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