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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

An Interesting Duel at CapeTown

An interesting duel is in offerring at Capetown,SA between India and SA.

It is interesting to note that all the experts have been going gaga over the pitch and claiming it to be an Indian twin. But surprisingly, Indian Think Tank thinks otherwise and have decided to play only one spinner in the match. Personally, have been harping on playing Bhajji in SA since the beginning and feel India have missed a trick or two here again. With SA also playing a spinner, India had all the signals required to play two-spin attack and try clinching the rubber. Time will only tell, if Jumbo would be good enough for SA team.

Personally feel India is 70-100 runs short in the first innings. On a pitch like this India should have scored 500 plus and made sure that they only bat once in the match. Other factor that may go against them was the slow scoring rate. In modern times, a score of 300 or more in a day is common and gone are days when you could count yourself safe by a slow grind.
And let us not forget in the recent Ashes series, we had a result even after the team batting 1st scored 500 runs.

As the situation stands, SA have given a positive response. Smith and Amla have shown no signs of any fear against the pitch behavior.
Anything can happen from here on, SA can pile up a good score or India can run thru the SA fragile middle-order.

But as they say...Cricket is a funny game and you cannot predict till the last ball is bowled.

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