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Friday, March 23, 2007

Indians struggling

Indians are struggling...

They are in a spot of bother chasing 255 runs at 44 for 3 in 11 overs.

Sachin Tendulkar bowled for 'duck' on the 3rd ball he faced....

The 'god' of Indian cricket is gone and with that hopes of India making it to Super 8 have dwindled... We cannot say it is a lost cause because it has been 'ages' since the 'god' took India to a win.

With this knock this interesting thought from a former player really makes one sit up and think

"He must not think of the delectable half-century he made in the last match against Bermuda. "Has the day come when we're seriously talking about Sachin batting well against Bermuda?" one intelligent former Indian cricketer responded when it was mentioned in passing that the little man looked sharp in the last match. "When an elephant stamps on a fly, do we say 'well done, that's a great kill'?"
As some former cricket mentioned... the state of affairs in sachins case is such that we are appluading his 50 against Bermuda while it should have been like elephant killing a fly...Very rightly put..."

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Pitch is not doing anything. It is playing well, but the Indian batsmen as usual are making it unplayable with some stupid shots. India needs a long partnership to turn the tide in their favor.

Viru n Dravid need to bat for another 10-15 overs to stem the rot before they can even think of making a chase of the target.

SL captain also has his thinking cap on and is making some interesting changes in the field by having just 1 slip for a bowler like Vaas knowing he is not going to get such a great swing from the pitch. The wicket-keeper was also standing up and putting the doubts in the minds of the batsmen.

It all depends on how India play Murali and it is the question of team India and not a single player as such.

At this stage one would favor a SL win and the INDIAN DREAMS are fast fading .....

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