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Friday, March 30, 2007

Sachin at cross-roads

In the wake of the WC debacle, Sachin Tendulkar the 'god' of Indian Cricket is at cross-roads. He is probably standing at an T-junction with the options indicating 'Retire' or 'Continue'. The option of 'continue' may not be looking very attractive with age, form not in synch and also the 4-year WC show is over for India. As we have seen in recent past that his batting prowess in ODI is on decline, while he is being used more as 5th bowler.

Ian Chappel in his article clearly echos the feelings of many of the non-pleased Indian fans

"If Tendulkar had found an honest mirror three years ago and asked the question; "Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the best batsman of all?" It would've answered; "Brian Charles Lara." If he asked that same mirror right now; "Mirror, mirror on the wall should I retire?" The answer would be; "Yes." "

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Similar sentiments are being echoed by a Indian fan in his article at Rediff

"So, Mr Tendulkar, it is time for you to retire. Your best cricketing days are behind you. You will be known for your records, great batting style, bringing unparalleled thrill to your fans over and over again -- and if you do it at the right time, people will also remember you for your graceful exit. "

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With end-of each series the writing on the wall is becoming clear and the 'genius' of Indian Cricket needs to make a decision very soon.

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