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Friday, March 23, 2007

SL post a challenging target

It all boils down the next 3 hours.... Will India make the cut for Super 8...

Sri Lanka have done well...they have posted a challenging score of 255 for India to win.

SL middle-order batsmen turned the heat on Indian fielders with some good running between the wickets. Indian team must be rueing the fact they bowled 14 wides and 2 no-balls. They bowled 2.4 overs extra and this in-discipline in bowling might just turn the match in SL favor.

India might be also feeling the pinch of not playing Kumble in this crucial match. They went with the past record, unfortunately things did not go well as per the record book. Harbhajan did not come off against the SL.

Well, we can spend all our time analysing and debating what India should have done in the bowling...It is all done...water has flown down the bridge....

Script is ready... actors have to deliver on the ground of cricket..

India need 255 runs to get into Super 8... From here will depend a lot on how the 3 biggies of Indian team script the fate of the Indian team...

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