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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Aussies on a gallop

WC 2007 Cricket Finals is finally underway.... And a different kind of rain is being witnessed at Bridgetown, WI

Gilchrist is playing the "RAIN GOD" and it is raining 6s and 4s. Hayden is playing the pivotal role at the other end and joining in the fun.

SL players are looking up skywards and hoping the rain would make its entry once again.

The way the opening pair of Aussies is galloping away, this looks like more of an 2003 WC replay except that the Sri Lankans seem to be at the receiving end this time round.

Aussies seem to be truely playing as the 'invincibles'. With Ponting, Clarke, Symonds,Hussey still to follow, big score seems to be in offering. Unless,SL pull off something out of their hats, Aussies seem to be running away here with the WC 2007...

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