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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Winds of Change in Indian Cricket

The two day BCCI Committee meeting to review the WC-2007 debacle has come up with some startling and brave decisions.

This is just may be a historic decision...that may just do plenty of good for Indian Cricket

"In a historic change, it was also decided to scrap the present Zonal representation in the Senior and Junior selection ommittees. BCCI will appoint selectors on a full time basis based upon the eligibility criteria which would include stature as a player, selection experience etc. The selectors will be remunerated suitably and appointed for a two year term."

By passing the following decision...BCCI is making sure the players keep their focus on the game rather than their increasing $$ balances

A player will endorse not more than 3 sponsors or products. No Sponsor can contract more than 2 players. The players will not be allowed to do any sponsor related events 15 days before the tour and also during the tour.

Domestic cricket would also get a boost if the following rule is strictly implemented

All the players will have to play a stipulated number of Domestic matches when not playing for India.

By retaining Dravid as captain for the next tours, BCCI has sent strong signals to one and all that nonsense will not be tolerated.

Over all the 'Chappel' era seems to have brought in 'winds of change' in the INDIAN CRICKETING WORLD.... Hope this change is for good and India can only become NUMERO UNO

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