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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rudderless Ship - Indian Team

With the resignation of Dravid as Indian captain, the Indian Cricket team seems to be going nowhere.

No Captain, No coach.... BCCI needs to take an action soon to put the train back on rails. At this moment, the sudden resignation of the captain after successful tour of England really raises some eyebrows. The excuse of concentrating on his batting does not really gel with the circumstances.

And the news of Tendulkar being offered the captaincy, is really taking a step backwards. With news of Tendulkar contemplating retirement from the shortened version of the game, does it really make sense in giving Tendulkar the opportunity to lead.

It would be better to have Dravid continue for some more time and groom an youngster for the job of captainship i.e. would be Yuvraj or Shewhag (if he makes his comeback) or Dhoni

Well, we would know the path BCCI takes in the next couple of days and the decision might even change the destiny of the Indian team's performance in the remaining half of the season.

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