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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Yuvi's Innings to be remembered

Is Yuvraj's innings going to help India break the Bangalore Jinx?

Wow....What an innings under pressure. Yuvraj has been knocking on the doors of the Test team for a long time now. Given the opportunity today @ Bangalore he sized it with both hands. India tottering at 61 for 4, the 2005 match definetely would have been running thru the minds of the most players in Indian Dressing room. Most of the players playing today were part of that match in 2005.

Yuvraj definetly had some different ideas of his own. He really turned the tables (atleast on first day) on the Pakistan team. He was in a fantastic form in the ODI and he has carried the same into the test match. He had the calm presence of 'DADA' on the other end who allowed this youngster to blossom while he himself kept another end ticking.

Ganguly and Yuvraj did enough to make Indian sniff the air of win here in Bangalore. But the match is not over yet rather it is wide open. If India fail to capitalize on this magnificent knock tomorrow morning, things may go the other way. India need to put up 500 plus on board and make sure they do not bat in the match or have very few runs to chase in the second knock. If Pakistan is able to knock out the rest of Indian wickets and put up a big score, then the B'lore jinx might still come back to haunt Indian team here.

As they say it is not over till the last ball of the match is over....

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