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Sunday, February 03, 2008

SuperBowl XLII - Final Update

The Final Game lived up to the expectations....Eli Manning gave the 'slip' of his life...Patriots were left shell-shocked. Eli in the last 2 minutes of the game played probably threw the 'best' throws in a football game. NY Giants defense were the "MVP" of the superbowl. Brady was not able to create the moves and was 'sacked' very often or made to throw wild.

An interesting article that caught the attention "Patriots coach a sore loser"

It is point well made .....

"But when the shoe's on the other foot, and Bill Belichick's team has been beaten, he can't sit there and take the pain for a few seconds. "

Bill Belichick should have waited till the final whistle to blow before embarking on his mission to congratulate the winning coach. At the same time, other school of thought would debate that Bill Belichick was eager enough to admit his team was beaten and was being sporting enough to walk across to the other side. This action of the 'star' coach is going to rage for many weeks to come. While the debate is on, we should give Bill Belichick and Patriots there due credit, they were the best but failed the 'last' step to the zenith.

NY Giants are TRUE WINNERS....they were underdogs but played like "CHAMPS"...Congratulations Eli Manning and the brave 'defense' team.

Before signing off - on SuperBowl...the following were the last two commercials watched by yours truely....

Victoria Secret - let the real games begin
American Idol - even champs can dream.

Curtains have come down on another SuperBowl....

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