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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Champions Trophy 2006 - Naaya Saal Mubarak, Indian Team

Diwali, ahmedabad and gujaratis is NAAYA SAAL MUBARAK and Indian cricket team must now be awakening to these words literally as they have their jobs cut-off.

Indian team had a roaring season last year, but in this 'naaya saal' they are facing slump in their batting and bowling departments. Nothing seems to be going their way. Suddenly the boy from 'vadodara' has lost his bowling spark, virubhai seems to have lost his swings arms, their twins of 'yuvi' and 'kafi' out of form. Above all they seem to be 'hooked' on experimenting at all games with the composition of their team. Today was no difference, you find 'powar' sitting out and India going in with 4 fast bowlers. With the festive season lingering in the air, there was no way one can mistake onself to think he is playing outside sub-continent. Powar is known to have scored runs in the domestic season and is known for his batting. With all due respect to RP Singh's batting prowess, Powar would have definetely brought in India the 15-20 runs that could have made the difference in the final result.

Feel India made the mistakes even before the ball was bowled, but don't understand what WI was hell-bent on doing. They just seem to get 'hooked' on doing the 'harakiri'. Cruising along at 200-3 and with plenty of wickets in hand they suddenly end up looking down the gun. Gayle had given them the start they required, sarwan n morton kept the good work by building on the platform. Bhajji was really turning it on and giving nothing away. This was when it was required that WI squeeze as many runs possible of the part time bowlers. But that is where they lost the plot and we had a 'thriller' on our cards with the match going down to the wire.

Result would really turn the WI into a positive frame while Indians r back into their sulking mood. Will have to wait n see what experiment 'ausie' is going to come up with against his own country. This situation is nothing new for Indians who like to keep their fans biting the nails till the end.

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