Saturday, October 06, 2007

Indian Team needs to walk the talk

Indian cricket team needs to learn to walk the talk. All the aggression they show with their hands and glares needs to be put into action. Aussies are the true champions and they play aggresively which is defined in winning matches from a situation of 13 for 3.

Ponting rightly states in his article Some Indians misinterpreting aggression - Ponting

"Both teams can still play aggressively, but when the Australian team speaks about playing aggressively I think a lot of people get the wrong idea," Ponting wrote in his column for the Australian newspaper.

"I don't mean talking aggressively or showing aggressive body language. That's exactly the opposite of what aggressive or positive cricket is all about. A few of the Indians have reacted very much with aggressive body language and trying to force themselves upon us, and I think the way some of them are playing their cricket that they have also misinterpreted what aggressive cricket means.

"I suppose if some of the players don't understand it, a lot of people watching the game in the stands or at home don't understand it either. It's not jumping up and down, sledging, giving people send-offs and that sort of stuff. When the Australian team talks about playing aggressively, we are committing ourselves to playing hard: there's nothing given and there's nothing asked to be given."

The series till now has given the impression of 'history' repeats itself. After the 1983 WC win, WI the uncrowned champions had come to India and thrashed India 5-0 in ODI series. Now as things are progressing in this series the same result seems to be on card unless Indian team pull up their socks.

It is time, the stars of the Indian Cricket team live upto everyones' expectations.

And youngsters live upto the Twenty20 WC championship tag