Thursday, September 27, 2007

A magic instrument called - 'MagicJack'

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pakistan Captains draws flak for his comments

No match between India v/s Pakistan can end without generating controversies off the field. The Twenty20 WC finals was no different. Pakistan captain's comments at the post-match ceremony has created uproar in cricket fraternity.

the reaction posted by Mukul Kesavan at the cricinfo blog site "Scenes from a final" are worth reading

"It is a world where Muslims, Hindus and a Sikh currently play for England, where Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and a Hindu play for Sri Lanka, where Hashim Amla turns out for South Africa, where a Patel plays for New Zealand, where Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Hindus play (and have always played) for India. Why would Shoaib think, then, that the Muslims of the world were collectively rooting for the Pakistan team or that they felt let down by its defeat? Did he stop to think of how Danish Kaneria, his Hindu team-mate, might feel hearing his Test skipper all but declare that the Pakistan team is a Muslim team that plays for the Muslims of the world? It is one thing to be publicly religious—Shahid Afridi thanked Allah and Matt Hayden and Shaun Pollock are proud, believing Christians—quite another to declare that your country's cricket eleven bats for international Islam. "

Pakistani captain is a good sportsman and probably should be given the benefit of doubt as this would be the comments made in the spur of the moment. He is definetely going to take this as a learning experience and lead Pakistan cricket into future.

Personally, this was a game fought between two good teams. The best team on the day won and in the end cricket was the winner.

Monday, September 24, 2007

India are Twenty20 WC Champions

Indian Cricket team has been crowned the World Champions in the shortest version of cricket.

24 September'2007 will be remembered for a long time to come. It will be cherished by Indian fans as it was achieved with a win over their arch rivals Pakistan.

What a thriller of a match.... Pakistan tottering at one stage and recovering to come fraction close to winning the finals. But Indians just kept their cool and one fatal mistake of the day happened to bring down the curtains on the finale.

This young team was expected to make up the numbers at the Twenty20 WC. There were no expectations or pressure on the players to prove themselves. Though there were some who did have a point or two to prove for their return to national side.

If the batsman were scintillating, the bowlers were not far behind. With young and strong legs, the fielders were atheletic on the field and backed the bowlers to the hilt.

It was a complete team effort. There were people who were ready to raise their hands when given opportunity. India played the SA without the star - Yuvraj of the previous game and Rohit Sharma stepped in to do the job. Today India were without Shewhag, and Yuvraj & Dhoni failed to take off, but Gambhir & Sharma played the knocks of their life to keep India in hunt.

This young team will cherish the moments for their lifetime now.

CHAK DE INDIA has become CHAK DIYA India

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Young Indian Brigade Storms into Twenty20 W

The young turks of Indian Cricket team have done it once again.... They have stormed into the "FINALS OF THE TWENTY20 WC" and setup a clash with arch rivals PAKISTAN.

WOW... Finals is going to be a game to watch. No one could have predicted a finals between India v/s Pakistan. For many generations, it has been a dream for many of the Indian and Pakistani fans to have their teams playing in finals of a World Cup. This will definitely make the sponsors and TV channels jump with joy.

Both the teams had been ousted from the ODI WC earlier this year in the first round. Reaching the finals of the Twenty20 WC would definitely erase some of the bitter memories from the minds of the cricket fans in both countries.

Chak De India.....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Young Indian Guns rolling in SA

Young guns of Indian Cricket team are rolling in SA...they knocked out the host from the Twenty20 WC.

This victory showcased the exuberance of the youth. Scintillating fielding, swinging bowling and flowing batting...all the 3 combined sealed the fate of South Africans.

Yuvraj the other day showed his frustruations on the England side, by sending the ball soaring into the Orbit for 6 consecutive times and today the SA team was at the receiving end of Rohit sharma's bat. Probably Rohit was sending out signal to BCCI selectors for dumping him without giving his due.

Fielding was sensational, must have defienetly made Jonty Rhodes proud - alas his home team had to make the exit from another WC at an early stage. Rohit did not end his day with 50 on board but also took the centerstage with a Jonty like runout of Kemp. If the run-out was outstanding, the catch by D Kartick was breath-taking.

RP Singh is having the best time of his cricketing career... a great series in England and now a great bowling spell that brought down the curtains on SA hopes of entering the semis of Twenty20 WC.

Indian team now take on the hot favorites Aussies in the semis. Hope the Indian captain Dhoni would be able to induce enough motivation and self-belief in the team that they could put it away against the Aussies.

If India win on Saturday, this team would have definetely erased the memories of 2003 WC debacle to some extent.....


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rudderless Ship - Indian Team

With the resignation of Dravid as Indian captain, the Indian Cricket team seems to be going nowhere.

No Captain, No coach.... BCCI needs to take an action soon to put the train back on rails. At this moment, the sudden resignation of the captain after successful tour of England really raises some eyebrows. The excuse of concentrating on his batting does not really gel with the circumstances.

And the news of Tendulkar being offered the captaincy, is really taking a step backwards. With news of Tendulkar contemplating retirement from the shortened version of the game, does it really make sense in giving Tendulkar the opportunity to lead.

It would be better to have Dravid continue for some more time and groom an youngster for the job of captainship i.e. would be Yuvraj or Shewhag (if he makes his comeback) or Dhoni

Well, we would know the path BCCI takes in the next couple of days and the decision might even change the destiny of the Indian team's performance in the remaining half of the season.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another veteran calls it a day

After an illustratious career spanning over more than 100 tests, Kiwi captain Flemming announces his retirment from ODI...

Another great player bids adieu to the color flannels..

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Long Hiatus - Blogging time again

It has been a very long hiatus for yours truely... Have been busy with a project at work and had been traveling which did not give me enough time to blog...

Lots of water has flown under the bridge since last written on this blog

My son has started his first year of school and thus steps into the real world

SRK has returned with a super box office hit CHAKDE.. reviews the memories of Indian Hockey Glorious days

RGV disappoints again with RGVKIAAG... don't understand why Bollywood is depending on old movies & making remixes like the music

Hyderabad undergoes a turmoil the blasts rock the city

India have won the TEST series and lost the ONE-DAY series in England.

India go to Twenty20 WC without their 3 main players...and may be the beginning of a new era and end of an illustratious career of 3 big names in Indian Cricket.

And after lot of debates finally one hears of retirement of a genius from the world of cricket. Sachin has been playing his best cricket on the tour of England, but the body and age has been telling on him.

Lets wait and see if this year would see the end of a great career in world of sports