Saturday, June 12, 2010

WorldCup is here..4 years wait is over

11 June,2010 the hosts South Africa kicked off the FIFA Worldcup with the game against Mexico. It is astonishing to see how much excitement and frenzy a Worldcup of soccer has created around the world. Everyone on the streets, in the coffee area of the offices, restaurants seem to be talking about names like Messi, Henry, Rooney, Beckham ala carte :-). Soccer World-cup seems to bring people of different religions, caste & nationalities together. This may be the best time for office peers/managers/subordinates to bond and put their relationship on a different altitude.

32 teams battling for the supremacy......

Jabulani is the ball being used in Worldcup. it is provided by Addidas

Diego Maradona makes his reappearance in Worldcup..this time as coach for his home nation Argentina

Player of the year - Messi will be worth watching

Spain is being talked as the team to watch out...even front runners in the betting circles to win the Worldcup...Rafael Nadal has set the ball rolling earlier this month with a win in French Open

Guess what...people in US are finally talking about the true football and not the football with hands & legs...Frenzy working up for the game against England on 12 Jun'2010

talk of tournament...can't even think what happens if we have FINALS between NORTH & SOUTH KOREA

All the other sports in the world take a backstage as FIFA WORLDCUP entices and takes the CENTER STAGE