Saturday, March 15, 2008

Scribd - A good site

Guys...just came across this site SCRIBD where you can upload docs yourself or search for some reference docs.

I came across this site while reading LewisC blog

Lewis Cunningham is an Oracle Ace, author of EnterpriseDB: The Definitive Guide and a Database Architect. I have been following his blogging on ITTOOLBOX very religiously. He definetely has good inputs on Oracle which are very helpfull.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

DST Update - Issue with BlackJack Mobiles

By now everyone would have realised that US Moved to Daylight Saving Time (DST) this weekend. So, this means that starting weekend the time zone delta with the US will be one less hour.

Keeping this in view, I noticed that the time on my 'BLACKJACK' had not changed to the DST timings. Oh god.... thinking I had put the time update to manual I checked the settings. To my surprise it was set to 'automatic' and then it dawned on me that the mobile had failed me. As per my naive belief it should have changed to DST based on the settings.

This got me surfing the net and it lead me to the following microsoft site which had an update available for the Window Mobile devices.

You need to download the CAB file available.

I downloaded the file and my mobile changed to the DST timings immediately.

Hope this works for everyone.

FYI: I use the AT & T network.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sync your data - Allway Sync

Last year in thanksgiving I purchased an external drive and since then have been struggling to synchronize the data between PC & External Drive..... some of it can be blamed on my carelessness or lethargy to keep data in synchronize. After quite a struggle & surfing the net, I stumbled upon "ALLWAY SYNC" a free download.

The software has easy to use interface. It helps in 'analyze' the files that need to be synchronized between the source & destination. Allway Sync also gives us a list of files that are questionable and waits for us to take action.

Feel free to download the software from

Finally, my prayers are answered and data is synchronized between the drives

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cannon SD1000 - Lens Error, Restart the camera

My cannon SD1000 died on me while taking pics of my new born baby. It kept saying "Lens Error, Restart the Camera". In the hospital, I could not concentrate or do any trial n error on the camera.

Back home now... I did the following and it worked

Removed the battery, recharged the same. Inserted the charged batter and very gently moved lens sideways couple of times. The lens immediately went in and I restarted the camera. Everything is back to normal.

I have clicked some more photos and it is working fine.

Not sure if this will work for harm in sharing some tip

Bundle of Joy arrives

Wondering why I stopped blogging.....for a very good reason

Sudha and myself were blessed with a cute little baby on 29 Feb. She is named ALEKHYA and will remain 'young' always as she was born in the leap year.

She is our second child....Abhishek our first son is all excited and already playing the bigbrother.