Tuesday, June 26, 2007

India Without a Coach on A Tour

Wow... Work has been so hectic for the past couple of weeks...

Last time when yours truely wrote about Indian cricket, a coach for the Indian team had been found and finalized.

But it was not to be....the appointed coach said goodbye even before taking off on the tour of the INDIAN PARADISE. BCCI has since then swallowed the bitter pill and the Indian team has embarked on a tour to the Ireland & England without a coach. In these days when all the other countries talk about professionalism and accountability, these two words just don't seem to be part of the Indian Cricket authorities dictionary.

Just when things seem to be moving forward, Indian cricket always does a U-turn and goes back 2-3 steps.

Coming back to cricket being played...Sachin seems to be putting up scores on the board but that does not seem to make the critics happy. Even his 99 against SA is not being ranked as a face-saving effort for the Indian team. With the age, the best batsman seems to have lost his 'BOOST' power and seems to be just playing for the sake of being in the center of things.

It is high time, India looks beyond the three pillars of Indian Cricket. The days are not far away when DADA, Sachin and The Wall are going to hang up their boots.

It was on the tour of England that India discovered two finest players Dada and The Wall. ... This tour may decide how long they play for India before hanging their boots for good

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Indian Cricket team has a new Coach

After days of speculation, the Indian Coach has been named and he is GRAHAM FORD

If you wish to read more about him...


Time will only tell how this coach will setup India's cricketing future in coming years. He definetely does not have the charishma and hype that surrounded the earlier coaches to coach India.

let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. And hope the "PLAYERS COACH" works well with the STAR-UNIT of INDIAN CRICKET TEAM