Friday, March 30, 2007

Sponsors shy away from Cricket

India's poor performance in WC-2007 is having affect in the business circles in India.

Big Gaints of the consumer industry are re-thinking their strategies in regard to sponsoring cricketing events. LG is going to review or probably even end its long association with the ICC.

Ripple affect of India not making it to the second round of the WC-2007.

Sachin at cross-roads

In the wake of the WC debacle, Sachin Tendulkar the 'god' of Indian Cricket is at cross-roads. He is probably standing at an T-junction with the options indicating 'Retire' or 'Continue'. The option of 'continue' may not be looking very attractive with age, form not in synch and also the 4-year WC show is over for India. As we have seen in recent past that his batting prowess in ODI is on decline, while he is being used more as 5th bowler.

Ian Chappel in his article clearly echos the feelings of many of the non-pleased Indian fans

"If Tendulkar had found an honest mirror three years ago and asked the question; "Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the best batsman of all?" It would've answered; "Brian Charles Lara." If he asked that same mirror right now; "Mirror, mirror on the wall should I retire?" The answer would be; "Yes." "

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Similar sentiments are being echoed by a Indian fan in his article at Rediff

"So, Mr Tendulkar, it is time for you to retire. Your best cricketing days are behind you. You will be known for your records, great batting style, bringing unparalleled thrill to your fans over and over again -- and if you do it at the right time, people will also remember you for your graceful exit. "

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With end-of each series the writing on the wall is becoming clear and the 'genius' of Indian Cricket needs to make a decision very soon.

Monday, March 26, 2007

After Effects - World Cup 2007

Here we go the after effects of the WC2007 fiasco for India has started

Kumble to retire from ODI


We have to wait n see what else is going to change after the dismal performance of the Indian Team...

Friday, March 23, 2007

All Over - A comprehensive win for SL

India are beaten all blue by Sri Lanka......

Sri Lanka played like a unit and gave the Indians no breathing space...rather Indians choked themselves to death would be a better statement....

Indians wait for an outcome of the last match in their group B'ldesh v/s Bermuda to decide their fate...Knowing the form B'desh is playing and how Bermudas play...the result is a forgone conclusion..

Muralitharan made a good point during the presentation...INDIA HAS THE LONGEST BATTING LINEUP ON PAPER.... who doesn't know that and they still falter while chasing such achievable targets..

The Middle-order for SL did the trick for them, while the MO of India simply caved-in. It is noticeable that the youngsters in all the other teams are raising the hands and grabbing the opportunities thrown at them. The same spirit is lacking in India team, we had the strongest team on the paper but the weakest on the field.

It is high time, the selection team throws the 'record' book out of the window and give 'merit' to the form a player is in. It is easier said than done, in India everyone knows how things are going to go... There will be a loud noise made but after sometime it will die its own slow death...
They say time is a perfect healer but in India's case it is just becoming a routine ...

India is theortically in with a chance, but ????????????????????? let's leave it at that

Indians Dream in Shatters

Indian Dream of making it to Super 8 is in shatters.....

They themselves are to be blamed.....Needless run-outs and shots that were not necessary at any given stage...

The gameplan should have been very simple, play out the 50 overs and be watchful against VAAS and Muralitharan....

With wickets in hand, India could have easily chased down 255 but that was not to be...

They say you cannot say till the last ball is bowled....but here the writing is clear on the wall...

INDIA ARE GOING TO BE OUT OF WORLD CUP 2007....they will follow their neighbours Pakistan on the return flight home....

The predictions are that a team from sub-continent is going to be the likely winner...And today SL have done nothing wrong to make the predictions come thru....

Let's wait for another 20 overs before signing off on the might just see a captain's knock...or a so-called ALL-ROUNDER AGARKAR have his say...

Indians struggling

Indians are struggling...

They are in a spot of bother chasing 255 runs at 44 for 3 in 11 overs.

Sachin Tendulkar bowled for 'duck' on the 3rd ball he faced....

The 'god' of Indian cricket is gone and with that hopes of India making it to Super 8 have dwindled... We cannot say it is a lost cause because it has been 'ages' since the 'god' took India to a win.

With this knock this interesting thought from a former player really makes one sit up and think

"He must not think of the delectable half-century he made in the last match against Bermuda. "Has the day come when we're seriously talking about Sachin batting well against Bermuda?" one intelligent former Indian cricketer responded when it was mentioned in passing that the little man looked sharp in the last match. "When an elephant stamps on a fly, do we say 'well done, that's a great kill'?"
As some former cricket mentioned... the state of affairs in sachins case is such that we are appluading his 50 against Bermuda while it should have been like elephant killing a fly...Very rightly put..."

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Pitch is not doing anything. It is playing well, but the Indian batsmen as usual are making it unplayable with some stupid shots. India needs a long partnership to turn the tide in their favor.

Viru n Dravid need to bat for another 10-15 overs to stem the rot before they can even think of making a chase of the target.

SL captain also has his thinking cap on and is making some interesting changes in the field by having just 1 slip for a bowler like Vaas knowing he is not going to get such a great swing from the pitch. The wicket-keeper was also standing up and putting the doubts in the minds of the batsmen.

It all depends on how India play Murali and it is the question of team India and not a single player as such.

At this stage one would favor a SL win and the INDIAN DREAMS are fast fading .....

SL post a challenging target

It all boils down the next 3 hours.... Will India make the cut for Super 8...

Sri Lanka have done well...they have posted a challenging score of 255 for India to win.

SL middle-order batsmen turned the heat on Indian fielders with some good running between the wickets. Indian team must be rueing the fact they bowled 14 wides and 2 no-balls. They bowled 2.4 overs extra and this in-discipline in bowling might just turn the match in SL favor.

India might be also feeling the pinch of not playing Kumble in this crucial match. They went with the past record, unfortunately things did not go well as per the record book. Harbhajan did not come off against the SL.

Well, we can spend all our time analysing and debating what India should have done in the bowling...It is all done...water has flown down the bridge....

Script is ready... actors have to deliver on the ground of cricket..

India need 255 runs to get into Super 8... From here will depend a lot on how the 3 biggies of Indian team script the fate of the Indian team...

Indians hanging in there

Indian bowlers have done well in the first 25 overs of the SL innings.

After the way they started in the first over...every Indian fan would have been hoping it is not the signs of the things to come...but so far India is hanging in there with some good tight bowling.

They have also picked up three valuable wickets and are applying the pressure on the SL batsmen. Indians seem charged and confident. Their body language is totally positive and commitment is there to be seen.

Dravid is ringing in changes and making some good moves. Ganguly was a good move and it paid dividends.

The next 25 overs of the SL innings will decide the score the Indian batsmen will chase....

Go blue ...

Do or Die - For India

It is a do or die situation for India in WC 2007... they carry the hopes of billions of cheering Indian fans all over the world.

India win the toss and elect to field in this crucial tie.

The first 5 overs have not gone India's way...the start of Zaheer Khan refreshes the memory of the 2003 final...Nervous start with wides and leg byes... India needed a good start in the bowling but have filtered that away with their loose bowling... Now India will be playing the 'catch-up' game on the run-rate unless bowlers strike to get some wickets...

Wait n See ... Indian Fans would be praying and hoping to get thru the long night with some cheer back home..

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Day of Upsets in WC2007

Guys... what a day it has been in the WC 2007

Bangladesh beat India by 5 wickets a stunner... if you can't believe what you are reading then you won't believe the next line

PAKISTAN ARE OUT OF WC 2007...IRELAND have beaten PAKISTAN and they have crashed out of WC 2007 in the first round...

It was the day when the 'minows' of the WC-2007 threw the statistics out of the window and proved that on a given day they can be menancing too.

The body language that Indian players showed on the field completely showed their lack of application and spirit to put up a good fight. The way Zaheer Khan was plastered by the young turk from Bangladesh must have been a rewind to 2003 Wanderers final. In such tough games, you need to pull off 'blinders' and 'half-chances'. Unfortunately, it was not to be and India were left stunned by a great batting display by 'school children'. After the defeat in hands of Bangladesh, hope some sanity prevails thru the minds of 'think-tank' and drop 'virubhai' for the next matches.

Rameez Raja claims heads are going to roll in the Pakistan Team after their defeat... and why not in Indian team..

Pakistan Team must be cursing their luck..they were undone by a team which fought like there was no another day. Ireland team may not have hoped for a better St Patrick Day celebrations. Pakistan were going great at almost 4-5 runs an over and suddenly the 'winds' changed the direction. The batting went from north to south in just couple of minutes.

It is going to be very difficult for Pakistan and India to digest their defeats, while Bangladesh and Ireland will be dancing till the 'rooster crows' again in morning.

Read in one of the pages...a team from the sub-continent would lift the it going to be 'bangladesh'...In 83' it was India who were the under-dogs, 92' it was Pakistan who came from nowhere to lift the cup and in 96' it was the Lankans who dazzled the world.

Mind you guys...the coach of Bangladesh team is none other than Dave Whatmore who was the coach of the Sri-Lankan team in 96' WC....

Cricket is a game of uncertainties...anything can happen...March 23 will decide the fate of 2 strong contenders from the sub-continent...

India in deep waters

India have started their campaign in WC 2007 on a disappointing note.

Everyone was expecting India to steam roll Bangladesh and at the end of the 1st session the story looks to be different.

Once called 'minows' of the cricket, Bangla Tiger seems to roaring loudly. They beat New Zealand in their warm-match chasing 226. Hence, the things really look grim for India unless the bowlers can turn in a performance of their lifetimes.

What is Virubhai doing in the Indian Team? With today's performance, Dravid would be definetely rueing the idea of playing him in the XI. Kartik would have been a better option than out-of-form viru....

Everyone back home would be hoping that Indian bowlers turn their 'golden' arms over and make their late night watching worth it...

OR IS THIS GOING TO BE THE FIRST UPSET OF THE WC2007... another 3 hours of cricket will tell