Monday, February 04, 2008

SuperBowl XLII - Final Update

The Final Game lived up to the expectations....Eli Manning gave the 'slip' of his life...Patriots were left shell-shocked. Eli in the last 2 minutes of the game played probably threw the 'best' throws in a football game. NY Giants defense were the "MVP" of the superbowl. Brady was not able to create the moves and was 'sacked' very often or made to throw wild.

An interesting article that caught the attention "Patriots coach a sore loser"

It is point well made .....

"But when the shoe's on the other foot, and Bill Belichick's team has been beaten, he can't sit there and take the pain for a few seconds. "

Bill Belichick should have waited till the final whistle to blow before embarking on his mission to congratulate the winning coach. At the same time, other school of thought would debate that Bill Belichick was eager enough to admit his team was beaten and was being sporting enough to walk across to the other side. This action of the 'star' coach is going to rage for many weeks to come. While the debate is on, we should give Bill Belichick and Patriots there due credit, they were the best but failed the 'last' step to the zenith.

NY Giants are TRUE WINNERS....they were underdogs but played like "CHAMPS"...Congratulations Eli Manning and the brave 'defense' team.

Before signing off - on SuperBowl...the following were the last two commercials watched by yours truely....

Victoria Secret - let the real games begin
American Idol - even champs can dream.

Curtains have come down on another SuperBowl....

Sunday, February 03, 2008



Eli Manning gave a slip of the season...he slipped out of the pile to throw a "TOUCHDOWN" pass of his life.



Are we going to see the the end of "SEASON RUN-STREAK" of the PATRIOTS...

35 secs to go in the match and the Giants lead by 3 and now 'time-outs' will come into picture..

TOM BRADY - THE STATUE will have to bring out his best game out in the field..



Randy Moss - Catches the ball of the match -- A TOUCHDOWN

Tom heading for 2nd SuperBowl Championship...

Eli Manning will have to really pull-off something here to keep the NY Giants in the hunt...

MATCH IS ON..........

SuperBowl XLII - Commercial & Game Update

Coke is leading the way in Commercials at the beginning of the 4th quarter

CocaCola - Washington DC
Toyota -
TACO BELL - New Fiesta Platters - OOla
Gatrode - Man's Best Friend
Bud Light - Flint
Hyundai - Genesis - think about it thru the tunnel

Randy Moss has been able to make only 2 catches in the whole match and we are alreadyinto the last 10 mins of the 4th quarter. The NY GIANTS defense is playing their best football. They are hurrying Tom Brady and who looks to be shaken up. He seems to be running out of ideas.

Need to see if we would see another 'ace' coming out of his pocket. He is back on the field as we are in the last 8 mins of the 4th quarter.

SuperBowl XLII - NY Giants Lead


SuperBowl XLII - Commercials Update 2nd Half

Hyundai - "Genesis " the drive thru the mountains
*** other blogs are talking about Hyundai making its first appearance since 1989 in SuperBowl

BudLight - Missed the flight
Sunsilk - make it happen
CocaCola - Macy's Parade

not sure if these commercials were aired before the SuperBowl

E*Trade - not sure if it was aired before SuperBowl
Jack in Box - Jack in the Spa

the Big Brother - Peyton Manning is looking anxious as he watches his brother putting it up against the Patriots.

SuperBowl XLII - 2nd Quarter Ad Update

The advertisements aired during the 2nd half - Witch Doctor
SalesGenie - Pandas
BudLight - The Wheel
IceBreakers - Ice Cubes - The Wish, Bee

These ads were aired as the Patriots challenged that NY Giants had 12 men on the field.

SuperBowl XLII - HalfTime Update

Patriots are having a tough time keeping the NY Giants defense at bay. NY Gaints had a turnover just before the half-time. NY Giants would go to the tent feeling good...they have not let the Patriots run away with the game. Tom Brady has been sacked almost 3 times today and has tough time throwing 6 times.

Scoreline of 7-3 in favor of Patriots definetely does not tell the true story of the game. NY Giants are giving everything they have and it is going to 'final' half worth watching.

It is going to be an exciting 2 quarters....Let's watch n enjoy

SuperBowl XLII - Ads Update

The following are the ads that have been watched by me

Ford Synch - Anesthesia On - Indian Touch - Mr. Ramesh - not for kids. surprising it went thru the Censor Board
Budwiser - Horse & Dog partnership
Toyota Corolla - Cannons firing
Garmin Navigator - 'Follow the Leader' the take on the French Leader Napoleon Bonaparte
LifeWater - Lizards dancing to the "Thriller" - Very Catchy
GMC - Never say Never - Yukon Hybrid
BudLight - Gives some Indian touch. - Stone Circle - not that intersting, involving the Justin Timberlake
Doritos - violent, not cool.
T-Mobile - Barkley & Wade T-Favorites

SuperBowl - Ads Update

Ads that have been aired so far and looking ood

Budwiser - The Fire
Audi - Car take on the 'head of horse' in the film 'GODFATHER'
Dell - Red
FedEx - Piegons causing an havoc
Gatrode - G2 - Derek Jeter Baseball Field

Jim Carrey is at the venue enjoying the show.

Patriots lead 7-3


Wow...the American sports extravaganza is underway.

the whole of US is now busy watching the match between NY Gaints vs Patriots.

Most of the viewers would be eagerly watching the new advertisements that are going to be released today.

If you miss any of the ads and the same can be watched at

Budwiser - Fire Adv and Audi's take on the scene from Godfather really show the way for some good ad watching..

If someone wants to know more about superbowl...they can visit the NFL site

It would be worth watching if Jr. Manning would be able to pull off a trick out of his bag to upset Brady's applecart.