Saturday, April 28, 2007

Aussies win the WC-2007 - The Invicibles

Australia are the true winners of the Cricket World Cup -2007.

They lift the cup for the 3rd consecutive time and the PIEGON - Glen Mcgrath signs off in style.

Probably Glen Mcgrath was the only one of the oldies who was destined to have a fairytale end to his career.

Congratulations to AUSTRALIAN TEAM...

Imposing Total for SL - WC 2007 Finals

Aussies have posted an imposing totals for Sri Lanka to chase in the WC-2007 finals.

Australia riding high on Adam Gilchrist knock of 149 runs is placed well at this stage.

Everyone is waiting to see how SL reply to this mountain of runs. It is going to be a herculean task chasing and climbing the Mt. Everest. SL would like Jaysuriya fire on the top, Sangakkara play another good knock and the captain Jaywardane would need another GEM of a knock to take the WC back home.


Let's hope we have a good game and not a one-sided finals as has been off-late....


WC 2007 - Moment to Reckon

Gilchrist gets his hundred and the next ball the whole of SL must have gone up in joy .... but it was not to be

Gilchrist snicked the ball after he got his hundred and Sangakkara came up with a fabulous take...And immediately raised his hand to signal 'NOT DONE' ... he had floored the catch during his roll-over...

A GREAT SIGN OF SPORTSMANSHIP in the heat of the moment... HATS OFF to SANGAKKARA for playing the game in true spirit.

Meanwhile...Gilchrist has completed a great hundred and has taken the game away from SL in the first session of this final.

Sri Lankans are truely looking lost as the Indians did in the last finals. Vaas seems to be bowling like Zaheer Khan on that final day in South Africa...

Gilchrist summary so far 110, 80 balls, 10 4s and 6 6s... wow..

Aussies on a gallop

WC 2007 Cricket Finals is finally underway.... And a different kind of rain is being witnessed at Bridgetown, WI

Gilchrist is playing the "RAIN GOD" and it is raining 6s and 4s. Hayden is playing the pivotal role at the other end and joining in the fun.

SL players are looking up skywards and hoping the rain would make its entry once again.

The way the opening pair of Aussies is galloping away, this looks like more of an 2003 WC replay except that the Sri Lankans seem to be at the receiving end this time round.

Aussies seem to be truely playing as the 'invincibles'. With Ponting, Clarke, Symonds,Hussey still to follow, big score seems to be in offering. Unless,SL pull off something out of their hats, Aussies seem to be running away here with the WC 2007...

Final Day of WC-2007 - Rain SpoilSport

Rain Rain Rain Go Away......

Rain is playing the spoil sport on the Final Day of the WC 2007. It has dampen the spirits of millions of fans around the world and especially the ones from the island of Ceylon.

Every anxious fan hoping for a good game of cricket must be praying that the RAIN STAYS AWAY and we have a great "CONTEST" in true terms of the FINALS.

Rain Rain Rain Go Away

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lesson for all at Virgina Tech Campus - Tragedy

Many of young dreams have been shattered.... 32 young lives have been lost due to one stroke of madness..

Indian student community has suffered ...they have lost a teacher who was imparting knowledge to youngsters and one student who came across the seven seas to pursue her dreams ..but the dreams have been curtailed even before they could take any form..

Condolonces go out to the families of all those killed in this tragic incident... Being a parent myself makes one feel if our children are really safe in the schools and colleges..As a parent one would give his child advice on not falling prey to vices like drugs or alcohol, but who can advice them to be look-out on such incidents..

With heavy heart, wish the familes of the lost ones my heart-filled condolonces..

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A lesson to be learned for BCCI

A nice article that talks of implementing some corporate policies and processes to make Indian Team a world beaters...

Read the article to understand how....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Interesting Reading - Woolmers Death

While going thru our own Indian newspaper came across this interesting article....

"It is important for the Jamaican police to examine the victim’s mobile and telephone records, mails, emails, food in the refrigerator, meetings and appointments, work and entertainment habits. A discreet inquiry into any suspected romantic affair should also be made. They should also look into what possible enemies Bob Woolmer had — business-financial, political, religious, relationships etc. It would be equally helpful to find out Woolmer’s medical and mental history. "

Read More

This article is published by someone who is very well know in the field of investigation. And definetely would be worth a thought.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Winds of Change in Indian Cricket

The two day BCCI Committee meeting to review the WC-2007 debacle has come up with some startling and brave decisions.

This is just may be a historic decision...that may just do plenty of good for Indian Cricket

"In a historic change, it was also decided to scrap the present Zonal representation in the Senior and Junior selection ommittees. BCCI will appoint selectors on a full time basis based upon the eligibility criteria which would include stature as a player, selection experience etc. The selectors will be remunerated suitably and appointed for a two year term."

By passing the following decision...BCCI is making sure the players keep their focus on the game rather than their increasing $$ balances

A player will endorse not more than 3 sponsors or products. No Sponsor can contract more than 2 players. The players will not be allowed to do any sponsor related events 15 days before the tour and also during the tour.

Domestic cricket would also get a boost if the following rule is strictly implemented

All the players will have to play a stipulated number of Domestic matches when not playing for India.

By retaining Dravid as captain for the next tours, BCCI has sent strong signals to one and all that nonsense will not be tolerated.

Over all the 'Chappel' era seems to have brought in 'winds of change' in the INDIAN CRICKETING WORLD.... Hope this change is for good and India can only become NUMERO UNO

Read more in detail at

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Finally a match to talk about in WC-2007

Finally, there was a match of equals and something to cheer about in the WC-2007.

After so many soft matches, finally there was an even contest and CRICKET was the winner. England gave Sri Lanka run for their money. They fought back from the brink to come close to pulling a victory that would have made all the English Fans 'revert to some drinking binge'.

Hope Indian cricket team takes some lessons out of the English win. It was the 7th wicket pair of unknown players in the world of cricket who fought like there was no another day. And mind you there were no heroics, just simple basic cricket of accumulation of runs thru singles. One cannot digest the thought that India with the strongest batting line up put up such a dismal show against the same SL attack.

England would take many positives out of this game and SL must be sitting pretty with their chances of going thru to semi-finals have brightened.

Guys my 2 cents on the following line up for semis - Aus, SA, NZ and SL..

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Another Kerry Packer in India


The poor showing in the WC 2007 seems to be having lots of side-effects back home.

We have our own Subash Chandra doing a Kerry Packer.....

Read more

It would be worth watching the proceeding as they unfold going forward.

Monday, April 02, 2007