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Monday, October 16, 2006

Champions Trophy 2006 - Pakistan cricket team under 'cloud' again

Controversies go hand-in-hand with the Pakistani team...

Just a couple of months back Pakistan cricket team was caught in 'ball-tampering' turmoil... Even before dust had settled, we heard about the 'captainship' issue raising its 'serpent' like hood...And before the sting was nullified we hear of 'dopeing' scandal. This scandal may bring down curtains on the career of one of the most talked player off-the field. It is going to be very difficult for Shohaib Akthar to make a come-back from such a 'hurting'.

The new captain 'younis khan' would have his job cut-off. With all due respect to 'younis khan', does not have the charishma or powers like 'Imran' to carry the team to victory. At the same time, do not rule out the possibilities of the pakistani team create some flutter in the tournament. It would be interesting to see how Pakistan would fare under such circumstances in this tournament.

All the best to their team and as an ardent fan from the sub-continent would hope to see a INDIA v/s PAKISTAN finals....

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