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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bangladesh Series - Purpose Undefined

India have embarked on a test series with Bangladesh which carries no importance in the eyes of the cricketing world.

The media has given the series a big hype by terming it as a "REVENGE SERIES". The kind of sensational opening a bollywood masala movie would hope for.

If one runs thru the pages of cricket history, there was definetely a ' revenge' series played in India after the WC-1983. West Indies had come to India with soul objective of defeating India after they had lost the WC-1983 finals. And boy...they Blackwashed India completely during that series...

Since the Bangladesh tour started there has been less play and more rain delays. It makes no sense in going to Bangladesh when the whole world knows it is the pre-monsoon season. It is high time someone puts their step down and lets the ICC know that they had an over-dose of cricket.

After the debacle in WC-2007, there was a call for complete changeover in the composition of the Indian Team. Whoever was looking to see any new faces in Indian Team must have been born recently and not knowing the facts. India are still playing with Ganguly and Tendulkar, they are scoring hundreds and making sure they are on the England tour. Poor Laxman....he is labelled to be non-ODI player and is soon going to be non-existant on the TEST match scorecard. It is time Laxman bids adieu to cricket and settles down in the princely city of Hyderabad.

Indian team is good at making and breaking a players' career. This time round they are busy doing the same with a cricketer called Dinesh kartik. In the next couple of seasons, when the batting form deserts him, he will be dumped by Indian selectors. He will be left pondering whether he ever knew the business of wicket-keeping. If you guys don't agree, please go and look at the career graph of a player called Irfan Pathan after he was termed as the next "KAPIL DEV" - the all-rounder for Indian Team.

From a layman point of view, the Bangladesh series does not seem to govern any positives for Indian team. They have not tried or tested out any new players who would stand out and be counted. Moreover, it is becoming pretty clear India does not have a strong bench and they will be a big void when the 3 stalwarts of current team bid adieu to cricket.

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