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Sunday, May 27, 2007

STAR WARS - Completes 30 years

Guys while on way to India and surfing the net at the Changi Airport came across this interesting headline

STAR WARS - Completes 30 years.... Wow.. I still have the avid memories of going to the MADHURAM theatre in Ahmedabad and queuing up to watch the first movie of STAR WARS being screened there. For those who are familar with 1970-80 era of Ahmedabad film circle, would remember two prominent theatres - ADVANCE & MADHURAM which used to screen the ENGLISH movies.

And when rewinding down the memory one does not realise that it was way back in 1977 that STAR WARS was first relised. Yours truely definetly remembers those names which have become a legend Luke Skywalker,Han Solo (played by young Harrison Ford) and R2-D2( robot that won many hearts).

Read the details on STAR WARS history in this article

30 years down the lane...

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