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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pakistan Captains draws flak for his comments

No match between India v/s Pakistan can end without generating controversies off the field. The Twenty20 WC finals was no different. Pakistan captain's comments at the post-match ceremony has created uproar in cricket fraternity.

the reaction posted by Mukul Kesavan at the cricinfo blog site "Scenes from a final" are worth reading

"It is a world where Muslims, Hindus and a Sikh currently play for England, where Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and a Hindu play for Sri Lanka, where Hashim Amla turns out for South Africa, where a Patel plays for New Zealand, where Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Hindus play (and have always played) for India. Why would Shoaib think, then, that the Muslims of the world were collectively rooting for the Pakistan team or that they felt let down by its defeat? Did he stop to think of how Danish Kaneria, his Hindu team-mate, might feel hearing his Test skipper all but declare that the Pakistan team is a Muslim team that plays for the Muslims of the world? It is one thing to be publicly religious—Shahid Afridi thanked Allah and Matt Hayden and Shaun Pollock are proud, believing Christians—quite another to declare that your country's cricket eleven bats for international Islam. "

Pakistani captain is a good sportsman and probably should be given the benefit of doubt as this would be the comments made in the spur of the moment. He is definetely going to take this as a learning experience and lead Pakistan cricket into future.

Personally, this was a game fought between two good teams. The best team on the day won and in the end cricket was the winner.

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