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Monday, December 10, 2007

India is 2-0 up in Mental Game @Bangalore

Bangalore seems to have a unique record of seeing Pakistan and Indian players getting into a swearing fight and unfortunately it has resulted in two pakistani batsmen getting out immediately. Both the incidents happened at a crucial time of the respective matches and surprisingly it involved the local 'karnataka' boys.

First incident happened in the Q'Finals match in 1996 WC between Venkatesh Prasad and Amir Sohail. Amir Sohail was playing a fantastic knock till he needled Prasad unnecessarily and that resulted in his downfall. He was bowled of the next delivery and was shown the doors of the pavalion rightly so by Prasad. This incident was highly talked about in the cricketing circles. View the video of that incident and Imran in his commentary rightly said ' pakistan has suffered due to insensible batting by Sohail'

Second incidient to happen was yesterday in the 3rd test match between India v/s Pak being played at bangalore. The players involved again are a Pakistani batsman - M Yousuf and a player from Karnataka - Kumble.

Read the article from George Binoy @ Cricinfo
" Distraction, destruction
The afternoon session was meandering along without much excitement when a bit of drama occurred in the 71st over. Mohammad Yousuf, visibly angry at something that had happened, walked towards Anil Kumble at gully. Yousuf was seething and gestured towards Kumble, who had a few words with him and patted him on the back. On returning to his crease, Yousuf wasn't becalmed and had a word with the umpires Simon Taufel and Rudi Koertzen. Three balls later, clearly irked, he had a chat with Harbhajan Singh. All the talking evidently disturbed his concentration because he drove loosely at the last ball of the over - a wide one from Irfan Pathan - and sliced it straight to Yuvraj at point. "

Though, Bangalore seems to be a good hunting ground for Pakistan, it somehow holds the unique record for Pakistan players getting out after an altercation with the Indian - Karnataka players.

Kumble will definetely be pulled up by the ICC Refree for the incident and being the captain of the team it would not go down well with the cricketing pundits. But who can deny the fact that the top team in the world - Aussies also have a captain who likes to needle the opposition players and get away with the word 'aggression'.

Let's hope we do not have anymore of this incidents in the last game of the tour and both the teams churn out some good batting displays.

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