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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Will India survive the Last Day?

It has been an exciting series so far and it boils down to the 'last day' of the final test match. The series so far has contained all the 'masala' a bollywood pot-boiler would have. The stories and happenings both on the field and off the field has lifted the Aus-India series to a new level.

Now it comes down to this '5th day' battle and the million dollar question 'Will Indian batsmen survive the last day'. History on the same ground tells us all a different story. In 2004, India had pulled a stunning victory over Aussies when both teams had completed 500 runs in their respective 1st innings. In 2006, Australia had pulled off another Ashes historic win, when they beat England by 6 wickets. Again both teams had scored more than 500 runs in their 1st innings.

As things stand, this match happens to be in the same state as the Aus-Eng match in the 2006. England could not survive and Australia chased down the target.

Apart from the history of the Adeliade ground, we all know about India's vulnerability in the 2nd innings of a test match. Leave the umpiring decisions aside, Indian tail could not survive the last 10 minutes of the Sydney test match. Tail-enders have put up a great show in the 1st innings by throwing their bats around but when it comes to survive they have been found lacking. India do not have a big lead on the board, hence they have not alternative but survive all the sessions of the last day. Hence, it may boil down to how the top-order and tail stands up to the contest.

Moreover, Australians are all charged up and would like to give one of their greats 'Gilly' a resounding farewell. Adam Gilchrist changed the complexion of the 'wicket-keeper' batsman in the history of cricket. He has really given the best performance both in front & behind the stumps.

Oh boy....ODI has changed test cricket... gone are the days when we used to see similar scoresheets and give up on the last day as match heading for a draw....

Who knows what the 'crystall-ball' has in store for us tomorrow...

One placard in the Perth Test carried truely fits the bill today again...

" Heart says India, but Head says Australia"

From 'oracle' point, a T20 match scenario might just be on the cards..Australia trying to chase down 150-175 in the last 20-25 overs...

Indian blues...all the best 2-1 would be the score which would make us all happy..And a 2-2 result would send the INDIAN FANS index to a 'stock' high level

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