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Sunday, March 21, 2010

IPL3 - Match of the Tournament so far

I have stopped blogging for many days (years).....but watching the match between Chennai Super Kings & King Punjab made me blog again.

Classic match. you could say one team tried its best to loose the match while the other sneaked through an ajar door. there were couple of instances for few players to make a name for themselves and they did not grab it

- parthiv patel had everything going for him. he had to play himself till the last over to take Superkings over the wire
- Irfan Pathan had a golden opportunity to become a hero for Punjab by bowling an over of his lifetime. he had to restrict CSK from getting those 10 runs in the last over

God knows had CSK played their full quota of 6 balls in the Superover...we might still have some more excitement left in the game..

In the end, Chennai Super Kings have themselves to blame as it is said..."THEY SNATCHED DEFEAT FROM THE JAWS OF VICTORY".....

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